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Bio-Klean for Effective Cleaning

Discover the variety of ways Bio-Klean can be used to meet your cleaning needs. As a bacterial treatment, Bio-Klean can effectively clean treaters, tank bottoms, and injection/disposal wells.

  • Treaters - With Bio-Klean, cleaning time is significantly reduced. Also, with our regular paraffin control treatments, many of our operators report not having to clean their treaters for up to seven years.
  • Tank Bottoms - Bio-Klean can clean your production tank bottoms in as little as 30 minutes. You can also sell your oil when you recycle it through your treater.
  • Injection/Disposal Wells - Bio-Klean can be used to open injection/disposal wells. It is more efficient than the xylene/acid treatments, which are commonly used, and there is no need for expensive tankers so you can use produced water and a hot oiler. The typical treatment is 70 to 100 BBLS of water and 55 gallons of Bio-Klean.

If you do not have enough injection rate for a hot oiler, BioResources can get entry at as low as a 1/2 gallon per minute. We have successfully opened wells that would have required expensive stripping bills. In fact, wells take up to 400 BBLS more water per day at a lower psi.

Bio-Klean can even be injected to pretreat the water. We see a double filter life span, and some clients have dropped to 2-micron filters.